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Fidgetech Pre-work

Welcome to the Pre-Work section of Learn How to Program.

This series of lessons is intended as an introduction to Epicodus, as well as onboarding students for upcoming classes beginning in Intro to Programming. If you are a prospective student of Epicodus, or are starting in a new cohort as a student, you should work through these lessons first!

Here's a list of the concepts covered in the following sections:

Getting Started at Epicodus

  • The Growth Mindset
  • Pair Programming: How Epicodus uses it, and what to expect around pairing in general
  • How to ask for help from teachers, advisors, and other staff
  • What independent projects at Epicodus, and how they are scheduled and graded
  • An overview of Epicodus's policies and expectations of students
  • An overview of class schedules and career service schedules
  • The Student Handbook, Community Agreements, and the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Getting Started with Working Remotely

  • Remote collaboration tools and remote learning
  • Installing pertinent software for the remote classroom, and curriculum-specific tools
  • How to Pair Programing remotely and remote etiquette
  • Troubleshooting
  • Accommodations

Getting Started with Intro to Programming

  • Various lessons to prepare you for starting work on the first course section
  • Installation and setup of tools, and introductory lessons on said tools
  • Daily schedules and expectations for student success

To get started with the prework, you can hit the Next button on the bottom of this page.

Otherwise, to navigate through the lessons, you can utilize the side bar to find the section, day, and lesson you'd like to peruse. To navigate sequentially, click the Next or Previous buttons at the bottom of each page.%