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✏️ To Do List and Project Rebuild

Goal: Practice writing SQL statements and adding CR functionality to applications. Take the time to understand how a database query works in a .NET application.

Warm Up

  • What's the difference between a database row and a database column?
  • What's a primary key? What's it used for?
  • What's the difference between MySQL and MySQL Workbench?
  • When would we use MySqlCommand's ExecuteReader() method and when would we use ExecuteNonQuery()?
  • What are parameter placeholders and why do we need to include them in our queries?
  • Why should we close a database connection after we've made a query?


SQL Practice

Let's practice using SQL statements. Make sure that both you and your pair get a chance to practice all of these statements. Reference the weekend homework as necessary:

  • Create MySQL tables to hold the following data: contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Add several columns to these tables such as whether it's a home, work or mobile number, first and last name, and so on.
  • Drop one of the columns.
  • Insert information of a few contacts into your tables.
  • Try several SELECT queries on the tables you've created.
  • Run some selects with different operators (such as WHERE and LIKE) on your tables.
  • Update some of the data in your tables.
  • Delete some records.
  • Drop the tables you made.
  • Use at least three queries of your choice not already used in the exercises above on your data.

To Do List

Follow along with the To Do List lessons from this weekend to build a fully-functioning To Do List with create and read functionality.

Project Rebuild

Choose a project from the last course section and refactor it to use databases.

Peer/Instructor Code Review

  • Does the application successfully retrieve and display data from the database?
  • Do MVC routes follow RESTful convention?
  • Have all of the standards from previous sections been met?
  • Does the project demonstrate an understanding of this section's concepts thus far?
  • Does the application work as expected?